Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Providence Community Electricity and why are we doing this?
    Providence Community Electricity is our city’s new electricity supply program designed to provide residents with competitive rates and more renewable energy options. This program was approved by the Providence City Council in July 2020. Six other Rhode Island communities are participating in the same program.

  • When does it start?
    Residents and businesses currently enrolled in Rhode Island Energy’s supply service will be automatically enrolled in Providence Community Electricity in May 2023.

  • Do I have to participate?
    No, participation is not required. Further, enrolled customers may opt out at any time, without penalty. To opt out, do any of the following:
Return (by mail) the
opt-out card mailed to your home or business
Call Providence’s supplier, NextEra Energy Services Rhode Island, LLC (NextEra) at (888) 387-1084Submit the opt-out form here
  • Will this program cost more or less than what I have now?
    The goal of Providence Community Electricity is to provide a stable and cost competitive supply rate compared to Rhode Island Energy’s rate. While Providence Community Electricity, at program launch, is less expensive than utility-offered service, savings compared to the utility rate cannot be guaranteed in every contract period going forward. That said, Good Energy, the City’s consulting partner for this program, has secured savings for its 50+ active clients in Massachusetts over the course of each of those programs. Remember, if you are dissatisfied with Providence Community Electricity’s performance, you may always opt out at any time, without penalty.

  • Why is this an automatic enrollment program?
    In July 2020, the Providence City Council permitted automatic enrollment to give the City enough buying power in order to negotiate favorable rates for the community.

  • What if I’ve already chosen my own non-utility electricity supplier?
    Anyone that has proactively chosen their own electricity supplier will not be automatically enrolled in the Program. Please see next FAQ.

  • If I didn’t get a notification letter, can I still join?
    Yes! You can opt into the Program by calling the supplier, NextEra, at (888) 387-1084, or by using this form. Please note, if you already have a non-utility supplier, that supplier may assess a cancellation fee if you choose to switch to the City’s program.

There are two parts to a Rhode Island Energy electricity bill – (1) Supply Services and (2) Delivery Services. Enrolling in Providence Community Electricity only changes the Supply Services portion. Rhode Island Energy will continue to provide all Delivery Services,
which includes responding to power outages.

  • Will I get another bill?
    No, you will still receive only one electricity bill from Rhode Island Energy.
  • What about Low-Income discounts or budget billing?
    Customers in the Low-Income Rate Class (A60) will continue to receive their current percentage discount on the entire electricity bill. Budget billing customers will continue to receive budget billing for the delivery services portion of the bill, however the City is working with Rhode Island Energy to extend budget billing to the supply services portion of the bill.
  • What about solar and net metering?
    Customers that receive solar electricity benefits from net metering credits and/or Renewable Energy Growth Program payments will continue to receive those benefits.