Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the price for Providence Community Electricity changing this winter? Yes, the price was fixed for the first six months of the program (May through October 2023) and the program will offer a new six-month fixed price from November 2023 through April 2024. A new price will be offered in May 2024.
  • Why are the prices increasing? Historically, electricity prices across New England have been higher in the winter than the summer due to our reliance on natural gas as the primary fuel source for both electricity generation and home heating. This dual demand, plus recent global disruptive factors, have led to even greater winter fuel cost increases for electricity generation.
  • Will I still benefit from being in the program? Yes. In the first six months of our program, May through October, our default supply was cleaner and cheaper than the utility: specifically, our price was 10% less than RI Energy and we provided 5% more renewable energy. Although our price for the next six months, November 2023 through April 2024, is going up, we will continue being cleaner and cheaper than RI Energy.
  • What are the new prices? The price for our community’s default supply for residential customers will be 17.641 cents/kWh from November 2023 through April 2024. That’s compared to RI Energy supply which will be 17.741 cents/kWh. Our default supply will continue to include 5% more renewable energy than RI Energy. We also have an optional “Basic” supply, the lowest priced option, which will be 17.430 cents/kWh. You can find the new prices for other products and rate classes on the pricing page.
  • What is Providence Community Electricity and why are we doing this? Providence Community Electricity is our City electricity supply program designed to provide residents and businesses competitive rates and options in renewable energy. This program was launched in May 2023 and six other Rhode Island communities are participating in the same program.
  • Do I have to participate? No. Participation is voluntary. If you receive a Notification Letter, you will have until the date on their letter to opt out of the program without being enrolled. Further, enrolled customers may opt-out at any time, without penalty. To opt out, do any of the following:

Call Providence supplier, NextEra Energy
Services Rhode Island, LLC at
(888) 387-1084


Submit the opt-out form at

  • Will this program cost more or less than what I have now? The goal of Providence Community Electricity is to provide a stable and cost competitive supply products compared to RI Energy’s Last Resort Service. Savings compared to the utility rate cannot be guaranteed in every contract period going forward. That said, Good Energy – the City’s consulting partner for this program – has secured savings for its approximately 50 active clients in Massachusetts over the course of each of those programs. Remember, if you are dissatisfied with Providence Community Electricity’s performance, you may always opt out at any time, without penalty, which will be effective at the next meter read.
  • Why is this an automatic enrollment program? In July 2020, the Providence City Council approved automatic enrollment to give the City enough buying power to negotiate favorable rates for the community.
  1. What if I’ve already chosen my own non-utility electricity supplier? Anyone that has proactively chosen their own electricity supplier will not receive a Notification Letter or be automatically enrolled in the program.
  • If I wasn’t automatically enrolled, can I still join? Yes. You can opt-in to the program by calling the supplier at (888) 387-1084 or using the enroll page. Please note, if you already have a non-utility supplier, that supplier may assess a cancellation fee if you choose to switch to the City’s program prior to that contract running its course.
  • What changes if someone participates in Providence Community Electricity?

There are two parts to a Rhode Island Energy electricity bill – (1) Supply Services and (2) Delivery Services. Enrolling in Providence Community Electricity only changes the Supply Services portion. Rhode Island Energy will continue to provide all Delivery Services,
which includes responding to power outages.

  • Will I get another bill? No, there will still only be one electricity bill per month, sent by Rhode Island Energy.
  • What about Low-Income discounts or budget billing? Customers in the Low-Income Rate Class (A60) or those on budget billing will continue to receive their existing benefits.
  • What about solar and net metering? Customers that receive solar electricity benefits from net metering credits and/or Renewable Energy Growth program payments will continue to receive those benefits.
  • What are the roles of Good Energy and NextEra in this program? Good Energy is the City’s consultant. They have been retained to coordinate the work of the different municipalities engaged in the same program and to implement the program on behalf of the City. NextEra (specifically, NextEra Energy Services RI, LLC) is the supplier with whom the City has a contract to supply the electricity needed for the program.
  • What happens after April 2024? Just like RI Energy’s Last Resort Service, where the prices change every six months, the Program is currently structured to change prices roughly one month after Last Resort Service. Prior to any price change, there will be an announcement from the Program and City as to what the new rate will be and how it compares to Last Resort Service. Anyone who would like to opt-out of the program at that time may do so without penalty, and it will be effective at the next meter read.